Haydarpasa'da Bir Gar

A Station in Haydarpaşa

The Istanbul Soundscape Project presents its second event: A Station in Haydarpaşa.A knot coalescing; the meeting point of Europe and the Middle East for nearly a century, Haydarpaşa Station is now a shadow of its past. In the last five years it has been planned to be sold as a hotel, the roof burned, and then finally, again, announced that it will serve as a station. We have not heard the train whistles of Haydarpasa since six years now. What were the voices we felt, lacking in city life, in the absence of the Haydarpasa Railway Station?

Illustration by Mark Hale

Haydarpaşa Railway Station is a place where the trains depart, the ferries approach, and hundreds of seagulls fly around creating a symphony. Its acoustics, ambience, and all its contributions to the city’s soundscape is the subject of ISP’s second event.
In addition to the voices that we can hear in the city life, we can hear the pieces composed within the context of ‘separation’, ‘reunion’, ‘beginning’, ‘ending’, ‘journey’, and ‘Istanbul’ which we can relate with Haydarpasa. Around ten musicians will play the works they composed. If you are wondering about the city’s acoustic ecology on the rails you are invited!Hoping to travel with Haydarpaşa Station as soon as possible.

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