Salt Beyoğlu

SALT Beyoglu

Open Call: 2-19 Nisan 2019
Performance: 25 Nisan 2019 / SALT Beyoğlu

Istanbul Soundscape Project aims to raise awareness of the city’s acoustic ecology by approaching everyday city life from an auditory perspective. Under constant intervention, Istanbul always offers new audiovisual experiences and testimonies to its residents. While stimulating and complex sounds fill the horizon of the city, they remain in communication with their original sources.

Where do the sounds of Istanbul come from? As the inhabitants of Istanbul, can we bring a different perspective to our auditory journey in everyday life? Istanbul Soundscape Project invites the sound artists of the city to record Istanbul’s neighborhoods, homes, streets and construction sites to produce an audio performance. Visual and audio works that will take place in the performance are aimed to reveal the rapidly changing acoustic atmosphere of Istanbul. On April 25, a selection of works from the Istanbul Soundscape Project will be performed at Open Cinema in SALT Beyoğlu as part of the institution’s Long Thursday night.

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